How sustainable is your lifestyle?

We’ve all tried to make some sustainable switch along our journey, trying to do good for our planet. But sometimes, switches aren’t required but just simple mindset habits. This quiz is going to do that for you.


When walking out of your room, do you switch off the lights, fan and other electronics?

You’re at a restaurant and call for a drink. Do you ask them for a straw?

You see your friend litter on your street. After kind of yelling at them, do you pick up the litter yourself?

When you go to Starbucks, do you carry your own cup?

Do you compost your own waste?

Do you walk or take a mode of public transport instead of your private vehicle to travel short distances?

Have you reduced buying clothes from fast fashion stores and tried your hand at thrifting?

Do you carry a bottle of water in your bag every time you step out?

When you go to the supermarket do you carry your own bags?

Do you buy recycled or fairtrade products when possible – such as clothes, notebooks, clothing, tea, coffee, fruit etc?

How sustainable is your lifestyle?

How sustainable is your lifestyle?

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