Okay, now that we have got this statement out in the open, can we stop the negativity around not being 100% sustainable? Unless you decide to completely give up food, clothing and transportation, achieving 100% sustainability, for you, me and companies is not realistic (not yet, anyway).

Our very existence causes emissions that contribute to a carbon footprint. We may think switching over to almond milk is great until we learn how thirsty this crop is. To grow one almond requires 1.1 gallons of water. Doesn’t feel so great anymore, does it? Falling into the deep hole of measuring the impact of each decision is not only unnecessary but could also take a toll on your mental health. We don’t need perfection. Making choices that are simple (for you), better (for the planet) and consistent (aka sustainable).

Maybe one day there will be an uncomplicated answer to leading a sustainable lifestyle that is easy to adapt to. But today, there isn’t. So instead of being overly critical of each other, let’s encourage small changes to create a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental space for everyone.

Companies and their issue

When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind. We’ve gotten to a place in our sustainable journey where every company has ‘eco’, ‘environmentally friendly, ‘conscious’, ‘vegan’, ‘sustainable’ in their Instagram bio without truly knowing how effective they are.

Having a 100% sustainable supply chain, growing and using only organic cotton, banning all companies in the oil rigs is not only impossible but might put a few thousand out of jobs.

It wasn’t always as complicated as it seems today. Before globalization, companies used to manufacture their goods; they owned their factories and produced their raw material. But with the pace of globalization and trade policy encouragement, brands and companies started outsourcing their production. With this, they have lost oversight and ownership of their supply chain.

How can they, then call themselves a sustainable, eco, vegan brand when the production of their supply chain is grey. Not only that, with raw materials being produced in one region, the factories being set up elsewhere and the end consumers being in another region altogether, the carbon footprints we leave behind with shipping goods overnight is an expense we can’t afford.

So instead of us calling them out, we need to be okay with companies that are accepting the harm they’re doing and their willingness to do better.

What can we do?

But, it is on you, me and all the companies out there to understand and address the need of the hour. One simple sustainable swap also does make a difference!

Sometimes turning completely plant-based or zero-waste can seem like a very overwhelming process. It could lead to them making zero changes at all.

In contrast, this article is here to tell you, even a small change can matter.

Switch Fix

Baby steps will eventually teach you how to walk

Turning plant-based is overwhelming ~ give up one meat, dairy product or turn vegetarian

Don’t know the supply chain for your clothes? Start reading into brands that are transparent about their supply chain, thrifting clothes, or borrow and steal from your friends, apart from re-styling the clothes you already own ofc!

Producing zero to no waste seems impossible! Switch out your single-use products for eco-friendly ones, ONLY after the single-use product is used fully Buying a Tesla or Electronic vehicle is way out of your budget. Public transport, car-pool, walking are pretty good sustainable substitutes

Installing solar panels or using renewable energy is a far goal. Literally, start by switching off the electronics in your house when you walk out of your room.

The absolutism of a lifestyle along with today’s cancel culture stops so many of us from making the small changes we can because of the backlash we might receive. But don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, your small changes matter!

Every small change matters 🙂

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